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Hardwood Sports & Studio Flooring

Timber Flooring is used to create beautiful and durable area elastic sports surfaces. Available in a range of environmentally sourced timber species Reflex Sports are at the forefront of timber flooring technology.

Solid Timber –  Reflex Pro-Sport

Exclusively designed by Reflex, the PRO-SPORT range of premium pre-finished hardwood timber systems provide premium levels of performance and durability. With low floor height and variable floor height systems available, PRO-SPORT is a firm favourite of both specifiers and clients alike. All PRO-SPORT systems are fully tested to the European wide EN14904 standard to either the A3 or A4 classification and many timbers are compatible with underfloor heating. Please contact us for more information.

Engineered Timber – Action Flex

The Reflex Action Flex flooring system is our high performing, low floor height system. It is designed to offer uniform performance across the entire system. The sports parkett is precision
machined for Reflex in Sweden and features the Woodlock 5s next generation, unique jointing system. Action Flex is available in a wide variety of timber surface options, to create area
elastic sprung floors, with traditional or contemporary aesthetics. Please contact us for more information.

Engineered Timber – Reflex Multisport

Multisport engineered timber flooring is widely specified in multi-purpose and sporting facilities. It is durable, dimensionally stable and of course fully tested to the European wide EN14904 standard. Available with extra durable 5.1mm wearing surface, the system can be affixed to our unique understructure products to create fully sprung flooring in a range of heights from 53mm to 150mm. Please contact us for more information.

Engineered Timber – Reflex Flex HL

Flex HL is a fully sprung area elastic performance floor, installed floating on levelled concrete or wooden subfloors. Total height is 37mm inc. 18mm Reflex Parkett wearing surface
The resilience of the floor system is secured through the unique area elastic Flex HL base floor, where continuous EVA strips in two thicknesses are placed in grooves on the backside of the system.
These dual height strips create progressive shock absorbency, executed by even low impact from small children. Please contact us for more information.

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