Career Talk at a Local School

• News • February 13th, 2023

Recently, our Director Richard was invited to give a careers talk to students at a local school, with the aim of inspiring the next generation to pursue their passions and dreams into the world of work when the time comes.

Richard started by sharing his experiences at school and what he liked and disliked about it. He then spoke about his early jobs and career path, including his journey into the flooring sector. He explained how he got into the industry and the factors that led him to start his own company, Reflex.

The students were engaged in listening to Richard talk about the process of creating flooring systems and how the team at Reflex approach it. Richard covered the need to think about various factors such as durability, safety, and sustainability when creating flooring systems.

The talk was brought to life when he showed videos of some of the projects his company had completed, including Envision Racing and GameChanger. The kids were thrilled to see these projects and learn more about the exciting world of flooring.

The talk was concluded with a Q&A session where the students had the opportunity to ask Richard questions about his career and get advice on their own aspirations.

Overall, the careers talk was a huge success and was really well received by the students and teachers alike. We hope it was a valuable experience for students, providing them with a glimpse into the world of work and the possibilities that lie ahead.

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