Meet Richard

• News • July 4th, 2023

Richard has been a valuable member of the team since 2004 and brings extensive experience and knowledge to the company. As our technical expert, he takes on a variety of tasks including sales, marketing, purchasing, product development, and consultancy. Richard's dedication and expertise make him invaluable to the company.

Hobbies & Interests

Outside of work, Richard enjoys kayaking, immersing himself in nature's beauty. He is a sports enthusiast, both as a spectator and a participant, and loves collecting rare liquors from around the world. As an avid traveller, Richard embraces different cultures, enriching his work and client interactions.

Job Role and Responsibilities

Richard's role is varied and encompasses sales, marketing, purchasing, product development, and consultancy. His extensive understanding of the flooring industry enables him to confidently speak with architects, main contractors, and end-users, providing valuable advice and developing tailored flooring systems for diverse projects.

Day-to-Day Activities

Richard focuses on developing new business opportunities, and interacting with clients, architects, and contractors. He deals with all of the enquiries we receive and also conducts site visits during both the initial stages of an enquiry and throughout project execution, ensuring seamless progress and client satisfaction.

Personal Fun Facts or Achievements

Richard has completed three marathons, using them to raise funds for charities. He recently experienced a thrilling skydive in Dubai, showcasing his love for adventure and pushing boundaries.

Favourite Project You've Worked On

Richard has been integral in a lot of projects and loves the varied nature of life at Reflex. The traditional sports hall at Winterton Comprehensive School holds a special place in Richard's heart. Having attended the school, renovating it was a truly memorable experience for him.

Favourite Part about Working at Reflex

Richard appreciates the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere at Reflex. He thrives on the daily challenges and enjoys connecting with and helping different people. The busy nature of our organisation keeps him engaged, motivated, and excited.

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