🏆 We are proud to announce that we are now accredited by CHAS!

• News • May 31st, 2023

As a CHAS Elite member, we are proud to have completed the process of achieving the coveted Common Assessment Standard — the construction industry’s 🥇gold standard for accreditation, backed by Build UK and CECA.

CHAS Elite membership guarantees that we’ve provided the supporting documents to mitigate risks across the following areas of risk management:

✅ Health and Safety: We have procedures and guidelines that protect our workers, site visitors and the public from harm.

✅ Financial: We have taken concrete steps to reduce financial risks and guarantee the completion of contracts.

✅ Environmental: We have an environmental management policy in place to support sustainability in our business processes.

✅ Quality: We have the quality management systems in place to consistently deliver the goods or services required by contracts.

✅ Equality: We have policies showing our compliance with equality and diversity legislation, such as the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998.

✅ Anti-Bribery and Corruption: We have adequate procedures in place to prevent corrupt practices.

✅ Modern Slavery: We have clear protocols to assess and manage the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking in the workplace.

✅ Corporate and Professional Standing: We have produced documents showing our proven record of abiding by the law.

✅ Identity: We have verified that our business is legally able to operate in the UK.

✅ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): We have a CSR policy to reduce our business operations’ impact on our stakeholders and the environment.

✅ Building Information Modelling: We have the training and skills to develop, manage, and control design information.

✅ Information Security and GDPR: We’ve furnished the financial documents showing our company protects sensitive data in line with the GDPR guidelines.

Our CHAS membership and accreditation is part of our ongoing commitment to support the evolving needs of our existing and new clients.

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