SportsDeck Tempo vs. SportsDeck Sports Flooring Solutions

• Advice • June 21st, 2023

When it comes to sports flooring, there is no room for compromise. Choosing the right flooring solution can significantly impact the performance, safety, and overall experience of athletes. Reflex Sports, a renowned name in the industry, offers two exceptional options: SportsDeck Tempo and SportsDeck sports flooring solutions. In this blog post, we will dive into the nuances and differences between these two remarkable offerings, helping you make an informed decision for your sports facility.

1. Performance:

Both SportsDeck Tempo and SportsDeck deliver exceptional performance characteristics but with some key distinctions.

SportsDeck Tempo: Designed specifically for high-intensity sports like basketball and volleyball, SportsDeck Tempo provides superior shock absorption and excellent ball response. Its unique interlocking system ensures stability and a consistent surface, enabling athletes to perform at their best.
Tempo is especially suited to renovation and refurbishment projects, due to the low floor height build up of the system.

SportsDeck: The original sports flooring solution by Reflex Sports, SportsDeck offers versatility across a wide range of sports and is designed to offer sports quality performance on both uneven and level subfloors. It excels in delivering exceptional traction and resilience, accommodating activities such as basketball, tennis, and multi-purpose gyms. With a high level of shock absorption, SportsDeck minimises the risk of injuries and provides a reliable playing surface for athletes.

2. Construction and Materials:

Both SportsDeck Tempo and SportsDeck feature top-quality construction and materials, but their composition differs to cater to specific installation and sporting needs.

SportsDeck Tempo: Is a fast and easy to install understructure system, designed to offer uniform performance on every installation. Built with a multi-layered design, SportsDeck Tempo combines a high-performance deck ready to overlay with a number of exciting sports finishes. The system is precision machined for Reflex in Germany using high-quality birch plywood with a unique jointing system. It is particularly quick to install, minimising down time and revenue loss.

SportsDeck: Featuring a multi-component construction, SportsDeck is precision machined for Reflex in the U.K. using high-quality spruce plywood and offers a combination of a unique levelling cradle system, precision LVL battened supports and a spruce plywood load distribution layer, ready to overlay with a number of different options. This construction ensures stability, impact resistance, and a comfortable surface for athletes.

3. Customisation Options:

Both SportsDeck Tempo and SportsDeck are customisable to suit your facility's aesthetics and branding.

SportsDeck Tempo: Reflex Sports offers a range of vibrant colours and design options for SportsDeck Tempo. Whether you want to match your team colours or incorporate your organisation's logo, SportsDeck Tempo can be customised to create a visually appealing sports surface that enhances your facility's atmosphere.

SportsDeck: SportsDeck is available with a number of different surface options, to create both area and combined elastic sprung floors, in a number of exciting aesthetics. With SportsDeck, you have the freedom to choose from a range of colours and line markings, which ensures your sports flooring aligns with your branding and offers a visually striking backdrop for games and events.

4. Maintenance and Durability:

Both options are understructure systems and are designed for longevity and durability due to the quality of the components.
Whichever Reflex surface product you decide to go for, they are all designed to be easy to maintain with long lifecycles. 
Our technical team will discuss your project with you and recommend the best system and surface for YOU. All our projects are dealt with as bespoke systems so that you are guaranteed the best solution.

In the realm of sports flooring, we're proud to deliver excellence through two of our standout solutions: SportsDeck Tempo and SportsDeck. While both offer exceptional performance, the choice ultimately depends on your specific sporting needs. SportsDeck Tempo is tailored for high-intensity sports, while SportsDeck provides versatility across a range of activities. By considering factors such as performance requirements, construction, customisation options, and maintenance needs, you can make an informed decision that will elevate the sports experience in your facility.

If you're still not sure about a solution for your space, get in touch with the Reflex team for an informal consultation.

You can get further information by downloading our datasheets for SportsDeck and SportsDeck Tempo here. 

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