Sprung Timber Flooring

Elevate Sports Halls with Sprung Timber Flooring

Out of all of the sports flooring solutions available, Sprung Timber Flooring is still a very popular choice for many sports venues. When installed correctly, it will provide optimal performance and safety, Reflex's innovative hardwood flooring solutions offer superior shock absorption, reducing the risk of injuries while enhancing the overall experience for athletes of all levels. Our range includes:


Action Flex is our high performing, low floor height system and provides consistent performance throughout the entire floor. It includes a technical foam elastic layer, a load distribution board, and high-quality prefinished hardwood parquet. Action Flex meets EN14904 and Sport England standards for area elastic floors.

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Active Floor

Ideal for multi-purpose sports halls, Active Floor combines the timber sports floor with the absorption material and reinforcements already fitted to the underside of the board for swift setup, ensuring minimal downtime and easy maintenance.

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Multisport delivers consistency and versatility for various sports, making it the ideal option for multipurpose sports facilities. It's durable, stable, and tested to EN14904 standards. Available with an extra durable 5.1mm wearing surface, it can be installed on our unique understructure products, offering sprung flooring heights from 53mm to 150mm.

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ProSport is our premium solid hardwood system, offering high levels of durability and enhanced shock absorption. ProSport is precision kilned, machined and finished to the most exacting of standards to create solid timber floors of optimum stability and resilience.

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Our Sprung Timber Flooring solutions are designed to elevate sports halls and meet the diverse needs of general users and athletes. 

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